Miranda Geist

Miranda's love for the fitness lifestyle took years to develop. She is a 23 year old native from Nebraska, who is aspiring to become a positive role model for anyone starting their fitness journey. 

Miranda’s journey started when she was 19 years old. She grew up doing cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance. After high school, she attended Iowa Western CC to study Business Administration and became a student athlete in which cheerleading became her passion. While attending her second year of college, Miranda, like many college students, found herself eating her feelings (tons of fast food) and making poor choices that took a toll on her body. With the idea of getting “in better shape,” she started making fitness and nutrition a priority. “There comes a time in life where you either let it keep effecting you, or YOU step up and make the change.”

After becoming a college graduate, she decided what she wanted to do with her future. Miranda noticed the motivation that other fitness influencers would give her, and started to use her motivation to empower others. Miranda competed in her first NPC Bikini Competition at the Omaha Pro show June of 2017. 

Miranda has been in the Personal Training Industry since May 2017. She continues to pursue her dream career into helping others create a well balanced and healthy lifestyle!